Phulandha is located in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. There are intricately mountains, slope areas , high cliffs and water sources. In which the height from sea level to a height of 300-900 meters above sea level. 


At the height between 600-700 meters, Vagaso -We have our own hectares of Robusta coffee trees which grown on a high mountains, fertile soil, humid in summer and wet-cold in winter. These factors make our coffee beans perfect and plentifully, seeds are rich but less bitter and good smell. It is completely different from the others. The taste is unique in its Vagaso.


We have a special coffee breed, diverge from  typical coffee trees. These are all purple-black stems, leaves  and beans.  Coffee beans become  cherry red to black when it ripe. The taste is like general Robusta but  has a bitter taste and creamy.