Mission & Vision



    Select the good coffee seed from luxuriant growing areas through an unique innovative production. To deliver benefits and new experiences to coffee drinkers worldwide.



    Vagaso – aims to bring innovation to develop a coffee process. To making  coffee drinkers around the world recognized Thailand's coffee. 

    “Think about an identity of the different coffee…think of Vagaso” 



    My name is Rungsak Wisessakchai. I am a CEO of VAGASO Company. I’m graduated in Industrial Engineering and Technical Engineering Petrochemical. From my worked experiences, I’ve been working on creating product innovation to make value added,  increasing profits through cost reduction. After I jumped into a coffee business, I would like to bring innovation to develop coffee industry such as seed quality,  make value added on coffee planting and reduce operating costs. Hopefully, I will be a part of improvement and strengthen on the coffee industry onword. In my mind, coffee is not just a science but also art which has endless stories.There are variously qualification and characteristic from difference seeds and conditional to growing areas. The different process gives several taste. There is no right or wrong for coffee but depends on personal flavour. The good coffee can build a happiness to the planer, manufacture and customer. VAGASO - we would like to be a coffee which have plenty of stories that make happiness to people.


    Mr. Rungsak  Wisessakchai

    Chief Executive Officer



    Alan Heng an engineer graduate from Ohio States living in Thailand become a coffee grower. He left plastic extrusion and packaging industries with lot of machinery still running to date and apply his engineering knowledge to harvest and process specialty coffee. The opportunity give him hand on research on details in growing coffee under tropical high attitude terrain climate and refine the process to achieve an esteem identity and traceability superb coffee grade. His never ending sourcing and exploring new ideas working philosophy let him engineer an energy conserve and green process in his venture projects. His reengineering story could be found from www.vagaso.com





    Mr. Alan  Heng

    Singapore Nationality Partnership